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Feel Your Heart and Light

Introducing The Myofascial Release Approach To Your Baby, Newborn Or Child©

Feel Your Heart and Light Book

Feel Your Heart And Light: Introducing The Myofascial Release Approach To Your Baby, Newborn Or Child is my newly-published hard cover book that offers a gentle, light, enjoyable, fun and easy introduction of the Myofascial Release Approach to babies, newborns and children to be shared in the space that is created and held within the loving moments of story time.

In its simplicity, it returns its reader to the joy of reading as a beginner.

Through its simplicity, it blends within its pages, the layers of its images, illustrations concepts, terminology, text, symbols and script with those that resonate for anyone considering, connecting, preparing, providing, receiving, returning, finding, or finishing this treatment.

There are no rules to the telling of this tale.

Its words and images are meant to complement yours.

Play; and enjoy.


While it’s cast of characters are given names, even these labels are not meant to be defining or limiting; and in fact, they can be changed to any that are available and the beauty of the story’s outcome will be unchanged.

It’s sequence, which pages are read or not read, and even the experience, position or orientation of the book, reader and listener are irrelevant to the beauty in its connection and the value of its sharing.

When used as a field guide by its reader and listener along the travels of their healing journey, it serves as a companion, a resource, a reference, a reassurance and a reminder that when they happen upon an unfamiliar beast, an uncomfortable, traveling condition, an uneasy uneasiness, an uncertain path or a seemingly directionless crossroad, that you do not travel alone.

Your compass is within you.

Your healing blends with your feeling.

This approach to Myofascial Release is never forced.

Authentic healing comes with ease.

Feeling your heart and feeling your light connect as one, within everything.

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