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Groundswell MFR

There is much inspiration that can be drawn from the energy of the ocean and the waves that are generated in nature by winds and vibrations that make their way to us from places far away.  Groundswell means, “a large or extensive swell in the sea”. 

The term “groundswell” symbolizes the greatest potential and actual energy to create change, which originates and builds within ourselves. Like a wave, the human body possesses the power to create its own greatest force for change from within.

Our Mission Statement

To be present and to serve, with compassion, those individuals and the community with which they connect and create, through the blending of safety in a healing space, knowledge and skills received in continuing education and training, guidance by and towards intuition, and empowerment through intrinsic potential, by those practices that promote, facilitate, increase and enhance function, health, well-being and enjoyment of life.

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